we speak in colors field recordings is the personal publishing house for andrew armstrong. offering an insight into neighborhoods and peoples' brains through audio conversations, photo essays, videos, and think-pieces.

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in, out, and around abu dhabi with farah bushnaq (001)

an enquiry and chronicling of najda, one of abu dhabi's oldest working class neighborhoods, featuring conversation with babu of what palm hair salon and a live performance of "prednisone" by we speak in colors (andrew armstrong).

written by andrew armstrong co-directed and produced by matt gagle and andrew armstrong filmed and edited by matt gagle

live song: "prednisone" by we speak in colors (andrew armstrong)

music: "drift" by RIVKA

special thanks to: babu of what palm hair salon / shapla house restaurant / al liwan cafeteria / halwyatal madlwka al shamia sweets shop

place, food, and language with estonian photographer ingrid nielsen (002)

we speak in colors field recordings presents the second edition of audio chronicles: a conversation with ingrid nielsen- an estonian-native, killer photographer, thoughtful mother, and weird seeker. like chapter 1, this was documented at manarat al saadiyat on saadiyat Island in abu dhabi. ingrid spent 8 years living in abu dhabi, but unlike many expats, she crossed cultural boundaries, found interesting nooks in the city, and befriended many people that grew up in the country. at the time this was recorded, ingrid had no plans to leave, but as of last month (june 2018, she is back in estonia with her family. this occurrence gives real insight into how global, expat-based cities, like abu dhabi, dubai, singapore, and shanghai, among others, operate. these places are transient, things move quick, geography dominates. "where to next?" is the relentless, screaming question.

we speak in colors field recordings. let’s take a walk around my head.